Mutant & Proud

I am proud to have done one of the bravest things I could do for this year. I know that it is not something I really needed to do but I did it nevertheless. And it felt good. I still am not ready to get back into blogging. But I felt like it’s something I need to share and write about, so here I am after almost a month of blogging hiatus. Anyway, it happened on the first few weeks of the training for the new account I am handling now. I belong to the second pioneer batch comprised by employees pulled from different existing accounts of the company. It was a good move. But I know that it’s going to require some time of getting used to, considering that I would be working in a totally different environment and with a new group of people who already knew each other. Of course, I didn’t want to be left out. I had to establish my presence as early as day one by having some chat with a few people I liked, throwing in some interesting questions or answers to the discussions, projecting a favorable image to everyone.

My efforts did not go to waste. But I felt that something was not right. I felt like I needed to tell them one thing more. It was too late though. They already knew me as Jerro—a serious type of guy with a light hearted humor, outspoken, confident, just the way I want them to see me. The thing is that they still haven’t known me enough. I know that there are things that ought to be kept secret, but I’m tired of all these inhibitions which was enough to change how I deal with them. I started spending my breaks alone. I couldn’t even look at people in the eyes. See, I’m such a bad actor. I couldn’t even put on a show the way most guys I know do. From the frontline, I slowly retreated and just took the back seat until I was given the chance to redeem myself.

On our week two of training, a new trainer was introduced. The change called for another round of the classic tell-me-something-about-yourself, both for us trainees and trainer. We were given a chance to stand in front of the class to introduce ourselves and tell the group something “quirky” about us. There’s this guy who claims to see naked white ladies, this girl who can’t sleep at night without a mosquito net by her feet, a fifty-ish woman who used to be a professional synchronized swimmer, and this tall, dork and handsome guy who seemed to have tilted a bit from his orbit.

“Hello, my name is Jeremiah. I want to be called Jerro and not by my first name. I have been working in the industry for almost two years now. Teleperformance. Synnex-Concentrix. ePerformax. APAC. Telus. And Harte Hanks Manila. You can call me a call center hopper if you like. But I’m quite positive that this company is gonna be my last. I like cats. I like books. I am currently enjoying “the best of both worlds,” but if you’re gonna ask me, I like guys better.”



5 responses to “Mutant & Proud

  1. I wonder what their reactions were. Hehe

    Good for you, at least you can work na comfortable (i think?). 🙂

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