The streets, the lights, the shadows.

It was already midnight when the movie Avengers ended. The theater was considerably small, so everyone had already exited before the lights got turned on, except us two. Martin’s eyes were still glued to the big screen, where the names of casts and production staff were being shown. Knowing better than to disturb him out of the movie’s after effects, I started to clean out, disposed off the big bucket of cheese popcorn we barely consumed, and drank the leftover of my Coke. He let out a sigh of disappointment when the screen became static and showed nothing but black.


Labas na tayo.


I got to see a clear picture of his face again when we exited the cinema, happier and more enthusiastic this time, despite the fact that he did not see what he came there for. We headed to the rest room to take a leak. There was nobody inside but us. He went straight to one of the enclosed cubicles, while I did my thing standing at a luxuriosly designed urinal which flushed water down the drain the moment I stepped in front and unzipped my pants. I checked my watch for the time: 12:15. I knew what was coming but I did not feel any kind of anticipation or excitement. Instead, I felt sad of commiting the same madness again and again. We have known each other so well. He’s a good guy. But I know just what he needed from me. I washed my face with water and the coldness of it somehow brought me back to my senses. I stepped out of the men’s room and found him standing by a pay phone booth, waiting for me. A young man so perfectly beautiful I could die out of envy.

Martin led the way to his house, a good fifteen minute walk from the mall. The scene felt strangely familiar like it had already happened before. The night. The lamp post lighting our way. The deserted streets. Two shadows on the ground chasing each other as if alive. The moment was calling for a stick of cigarette but I did not give in to temptation. Before I knew it, we were already standing by the door of his apartment. Gone were the sight of the streets, the  lights, the shadows. There was only darkness. And a faint sound of music playing from the inside, which failed to muffle the violent throb of my heart against my chest.


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