Extravagance and the End of the World

Tidying up the inside pockets of my over-sized work bag, I came to realize that I have been so extravagant this past few days. Instead of the usual mess of napkins and extra ketchup sachets from quick-service restaurants, bus tickets and movie passes, most of the things I uncovered were receipts from my previous purchases: a leather shoes from Milanos, a pair of sneakers from People are People, a graphic tee from The Platform, superbass Harman earphones, Beautiful Accidents by Ian Casocot, and a vibrant striped shirt from Topman. These I didn’t buy all in a day but in a span of fourteen days, each of which time I needed some endorphin boost.

Not that my bank account savings have once again lost another digit. I was just alarmed knowing that I have been buying again out of impulse, thinking only of the now, then regretting about it later. On one hand, I have already quit from chain smoking. I smoke from time to time, mostly when I feel high and dry. But everything is under control. I no longer desire sex, or hookup like crazy the way I used to. When I see a hot guy around, all I need is to psych myself up that he’s a player, and my hormone levels get back to normal  again.

Now what’s left for me to do is to stop overspending, so that I could double up my saving every 15th and 30th of the month, especially now that I am planning to move to a new house, which is gonna require me to pay an advance and deposit payment, and buy a few stuff for starting over.

The question is how? Is it even worth the trouble, knowing that the world is already going to end roughly seven months from now?


11 responses to “Extravagance and the End of the World

  1. We also come to that point in our lives when we want to get as much as what we can get out of what we have. Now that has to be a confusing thought. But what I am saying here is that you can always let go of this kind of thinking. Once you get fed up of this petty needs, you will soon realize that there are better things that you can enjoy, without spending too much, of course. Happy blogging. Keep on writing!

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