What’s not so Bon about Bon Chon

I have always been curious of Bon Chon Chicken because of (+) reviews I’ve been hearing from a blogger friend, Ayla. It is my hobby to eat at restaurants I haven’t tried whenever I have enough money for pigging out, usually with my J. My first taste of Bon Chon Chicken, though, was not with my best friend, but with a guy I had dated almost a month ago. It was just a friendly date, so I need not elaborate.

It was my day off yesterday, so I decided to go out with my best J. We met at a mall just a few walks away from our building. He wanted to have coffee but it was already lunch time, so we decided to have our lunch first. Ok, so it goes without saying that we went to Bon Chon Chicken, his first, my second. At first sight, the branch we visited was just as pleasant as the first one I have been to. The cashier was courteous, and took my order with great efficiency. When I was about to get our food, a thirty-ish handsome man even approached me to help me bring it to our table.

We didn’t talk while eating. I just watched my best friend as he ate his meal. By the way he downed his lunch faster than me, I knew that he enjoyed it, though we have had better fried chicken than Bon Chon’s. He was flipping through the pages of The Girl Who Played with Fire while I just finished my meal and started to empty my large iced tea glass when a Bon Chon crew went to our table and offered to clear our table. I  promptly said “No.” But the stupid guy insisted, which really got to my nerves and freaked the ill-mannered shit out of me.

“Nakita mo na ngang nandito pa kami. Bastos ka, ha?”

That was enough to scare him off. He left without a word. I don’t like false courtesies, so I didn’t feel like getting a “Sorry” from the guy. Not more than three minutes passed, a another Bon Chon lady approached our table and without a word or even looking at us placed a RESERVED signage on our table. I’ve had enough stress and problems for the day, so I didn’t really bother to question their rudeness and insensitivity. I just took a picture to mark my last visit at Bon Chon Chicken before heading out of the damn place.


19 responses to “What’s not so Bon about Bon Chon

  1. Well thankfully this has never happened to me before. Pero the Bon Chon at Ayala Triangle has a similar shiz….but they do it politely naman, na they will ask first if you would be staying longer pa kasi there are other customers waiing to be seated. I guess it was because it was lunch time and it was probably their peak…but the Reserve sigh chenes is just rude.

  2. they need a massive staff training overhaul. i experienced nearly the same thing. those bastards.

  3. ngayon ko lang to nakita… if i were you i would confront the girl who placed a “reserve” sign on your table. parang mas rude yun kumpara sa unang guy who started to clean up your meals. saang Bon Chon to?

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