Not Today

It was a quarter past ten o’clock, an ordinary Friday morning. My night shift had just ended. I did all of my routines before going home: washed my face, brushed my teeth, redid my messy hair, made sure that I look just as good as when I had gone to work. I did the final check on the glass wall inside the elevator on going down the building. I was wearing my favorite Chinese collar polo, grey Chino pants and a pair of black leather shoes.

Dressed to kill. Or was I?

During my entire shift, I didn’t have the chance to go out of the building lest I would be tempted to smoke again. Thus, I felt a little surprised by the daylight when I stepped out of the building. I immediately noticed that a lot of people were already rushing toward the mall at the other side of the street. The air smelled of smoke, of gasoline and filth. I put on my earphones and played “Your Sex is on Fire” by Kings of Leon as I walked the busy street, aware of the noise of the city despite the loud music inside my head. I was about to cross the street when something called my attention, a voice calling out on me. I didn’t even know why I felt it was me, but I didn’t see anyone behind me when I looked back, just a Hyundai Santa Fe speeding towards me. The driver was blowing his horn like crazy, but I just stood there, eyes fixed at the impending doom.

It was not the first time my life was put in danger. I had a near-death experience once, when I was left trapped inside a walk-in freezer for half an hour. I was lucky to have made my way out alive, with a story to tell about what happened, the things I thought of, the truths I accepted at once, as I slowly freeze to what was supposed to be my death.

The vehicle was just a few feet from me, but my reflex told to me take just two steps backwards, which I did in a very casual manner to my surprise. That was all it took for me to be saved from an untimely demise. I felt the rush of wind as the car sped past me. Once the coast was clear, I saw a few people staring at me from the other side of the street. With the same composure and cool I showed in front of the incident, I continued crossing to the other side, like a ramp model confident with every stride, feeling more alive than ever.


15 responses to “Not Today

  1. OM, and i thought i was the only one who only stares at the face of death. LOL. Srsly, be careful next time. presence of mind. 😀

  2. Haist, I hate it when this happen. Alam mo yung tipo na titignan mo pa ang driver tapos kung gano ka close ang body mo sa car niya…

    but good job on maintaining composure. keep walking forward!

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