Begin to Exit Here

The daily commute is one of the challenges I have to endure having accepted a job in Makati City. I live in Pasig and it is quite absurd to think that the two cities are just a few kilometers away, yet I have to take a route which takes almost an hour to complete–two hours when there’s heavy traffic. Because of this, all of my preparations for work goes to waste because I am already exhausted and sweaty when I get to the office.

This might be the cost of working in the “business capital” of the country. If I would prefer comfort when it comes to the proximity of my work place and home, I’d rather get back to Eastwood City Libis or Bonifacio Global City. But those places bear a lot of bad memories, and people I fear of ever seeing again. I want to get away, and start afresh.

Now all that is left for me is to find a way to make my new career a breeze. Moving is an option, but it’s not going to be that easy. In my two years of staying in my best friend’s house, I have come to love everything about the humble place I’ve already considered my home, though I know that I have to step out one day and find a place of my own. That day, I feel, is near.


7 responses to “Begin to Exit Here

  1. good luck with the move! i understand it is not always easy but i guess you just have to take that first step forward and be done with it 🙂

  2. sometimes i enjoy the two-hour traffic. it helps me contemplate, daydream while waiting for the trip to end :)… but if it’s everyday it’s no fun at all.

  3. Nakatira si Mama sa Manila, pero dahil sa natanggap akong magtrabaho somewhere sa may Eastwood, I decided na mag rent ng place sa may Pasig.. 😀 date kase, sobrang haggard ko na pagdating ko sa office.. pakiramdam ko, plus kinompyut ko yung pamasahe ko for the whole month.. kaya na niyang pumantay sa presyo ng isan room, or bedspace… 🙂 God bless sa move.. 😀

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