Hands in My Pocket

Moving from one job to another has never been easy for me. It’s not the interviews, the bulk of paper works to be filled out, or the feeling of being violated each time I am having my medical examination that make the sudden shift more difficult; it is the fact that I need to limit my spending, so that my savings would last until my first pay-out. That means that I have to refrain from buying clothes, books, over priced coffees, expensive lunches or dinners. It is total torture that I have to live with for another ten days.

If not for phases like this, I would not be able to know that I have some knack for being frugal. I have never imagined that I could go to work with just my “baon” prepared by me and a hundred in my pocket for the fare, and still go home with some change. Slowly but surely, I am learning the art of self restraint, one thing I really need to be the master of my habits–and not the other way around. :]


13 responses to “Hands in My Pocket

  1. Relevant post is relevant. And most importantly, I just need to point out again that your photos really make me drool of envy. I wish all the best for your new endeavor, Jerro. πŸ™‚

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