I was silent the whole time our trainer was orienting us on what to expect on Monday for the continuation of our training. As much as possible, I didn’t want to attract much attention, though I knew that a lot of eyes were on me, not only from the girls in our group but also from a few guys.

From my seat, and through the eyeglasses that I was wearing, I could see this handsome guy who was reading The Devil Wears Prada on our first day. He was wearing glasses, too, which gave him a sharp look. Today I saw him reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami (a major turn on), and judging from the position of the Starbucks bookmark protruding out of the book, he was just pages away from finishing the novel.

His name is Kris. I knew when the trainer asked each of us to introduce himself to the class. We were also asked to pick a number from 1 to 30 and to answer the corresponding question. Classic.

“If you are to invite a dead historical figure to your party, who would it be and why?”

His answer surprised me.

“I will invite Cleopatra because I really like her. She wasn’t just beautiful but she also knew how to rule her people during her time.”

After the class, he approached me and asked for my complete name. ♥


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