Born to Die

A job that slowly kills you
bruises that won’t heal

I took this picture while I was taking a leak inside the comfort room of a coffee shop two days ago. The light fixture was just above me, so it wasn’t a hard time holding my Droid up to take a picture with one hand, while the other was unzipping my pants. I know how awkward that was, but the sight of the dead and dying insects inside the lamp was too insightful to be ignored.

Stupid, I thought. Those moths were smart enough to get into the lamp, but not smart enough to get out. But they could not resist the warmth and call of the light. They didn’t know that what was awaiting them was doom. Once they got in, they would feel the unbearable heat of the bulb, too close that it would start to burn their tiny bodies.

It was more painful this time, worse than flying into an open flame and experiencing instant death. The tiny creatures would start going crazy, flying aimlessly within the small confine of the lamp, searching for a way out but there was none. It was too late. Slowly but surely, their bodies would lose function until they could move any longer, giving in to death as the heat desiccated the remaining fluids inside.

Or I am just over-analyzing again?


4 responses to “Born to Die

  1. you’re not overanalyzing, ewan, kung ako. looking at beyond the surface of everyday. and that is what i dream, to have a camera so when i happen to spot something poetic, or interesting, or terribly sad, i can take a shot, tas tutulaan. para gumalaw-galaw naman ang mga larawan. let’s keep writing 🙂

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