A Letter to Mental

Back in college, I wasn’t able to enjoy the luxury of buying the clothes that I wanted to wear. Money was scarce. My wardrobe was consisted of just a few denims, shirts I’ve had since high school, uniforms, and several hand-me-downs from my rich cousin, Josh. That’s the reason why I despised looking at glossy magazines or large billboards, and turned green with envy each time I saw people on TV wearing clothes that would’ve looked better on me.

But things changed. A bit for the better this time. I was able to find a job here in the Metro and started earning money. That was the only time I got to buy my own clothes. Piece by piece, every 15th and 30th of the month, I began to build my wardrobe. One of the brands that caught my fancy was Mental. Out of curiosity, because of an interesting billboard of Pepe Smith along EDSA, I visited the Mental Store at SM Mega Mall for the first time.

I wasn’t at all surprised. Pleased, yes. The store’s interior was all white, with the walls inscribed with IIII that also served as their logo. I felt like I was visiting a prison cell with counting sticks written all over its walls. But when I was greeted by the staff wearing white suits as though nurses in a mental hospital, and noticed the wheelchair at a corner of the store, I realized exactly where I was.

Thus started my love story with Mental. Each payout, I always made sure to buy clothes from them. Mental was just a new brand back then, and I really loved the clothes they were selling. Eccentric but still wearable. I have a different take on fashion. I like to be different and quirky without being outrageous. Hindi ako papansin. I liked their clothes enough for me to create my own Facebook Fan Page which currently has 632 followers, which is quite few, because I am no longer updating the page with anything Mental. I got tired of the brand. Yes, they became more popular among younger people but the price is the quality I have known them for. Their designs became too common and generic to an alarming rate that I had to send them a message just a few minutes ago.

I don’t know if what I did is too much. After all, I am just a lowly, fashionable fan.


7 responses to “A Letter to Mental

  1. ” I saw people on TV wearing clothes that would’ve looked better on me.” this is rich. ahahahahahahaha.

    see, i thought the same way too about cardigan & vests until i wore one. i guess those two things are just too gay for me.

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